A Breakthrough in MicroNeedle Technology

Proprietary SĀSO™ (Self-Assembled Sealed-Origami) technology is the first and only practical microneedle technology for IV use, revolutionary in its transformational potential. SĀSO™ processes produce microneedle arrays in one simple mask step (compared to 3-5 complicated interdependent steps), yielding much longer needles than any other technology at much lower cost, and providing a level of unequaled robustness and strength.

What Is a SĀSO™ Microneedle Array?

Microneedle arrays are comprised of hundreds of hollow needles each as big as a human hair. Until now they were useful only for injecting substances only as deep as a millimeter. SĀSO™ processing has changed that with low-cost robust microneedles of varying length, long enough to access very deep tissues, vastly expanding the viable market.

SĀSO Microneedle Array Insertion

  • Stabilizes the vein and controls the insertion
  • Protects microneedles before insertion
  • Self-lighting to view progress 
  • Base supports and protects the microneedle assembly
  • Shims (not shown) keep needle ends in vein center

SĀSO™: Self-Assembly Sealed-Origami

mask and etch
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How They’re Made:

  • 3 MEMS Steps: Cut, Curl, Seal
  • Only 1 photomask step
  • Minimal material removal (excellent tool utilization)
  • Tolerates high tool variability
  • Significant reduction in cost