Investor FAQ

The first patents that lay the foundation for Infusion Scientific were filed in late 2016. Infusion Scientific was formally established mid 2017.

Infusion Scientific is incorporated in Delaware as a C-Corp.

At this point Infusion Scientific is working with an advisory board to assemble the most proficient team for the technology and market that we are addressing. 

Infusion Scientific is currently raising funds through a mixture of Angel Investors, Friends and Family, and our partners.  If you would like to discuss partnering opportunities please contact us.

Please contact us for more information about this.

Initially Infusion Scientific is raising $99,000.00 through it’s crowdfunding efforts on  Wefunder has the most dollars raised and deals made among the title 3 funding sites where anyone (including non-accredited investors) can invest.Crowdfunding Investments into Infusion Scientific can be made here:

If the need arises where non-accredited investors would regularly like to invest more, and after we meet the $99,000 limit, we will likely start a Reg A+ (Title 4) crowdfunding campaign through Wefunder.

For making seed investments larger than what is allowed through the Wefunder portal, or from institutions and other organizations, please contact us.

Infusion Scientific is using convertible notes.  Convertible notes will be converted to stock upon the Series A round financing, projected to take place sometime in mid-2018.  They will be converted to at a discount rate of 20%.  In other words for each $0.80 invested, the investor will receive $1 worth of stocks at the time of conversion. That works out to be a 25% return on investment (ie. $1/$0.80 = 125%) in terms of immediate share value.

 They will be converted at a rate of 20%.  In other words, for each $0.80 invested, the investor will receive $1 worth of stocks at the time of conversion. That works out to be a 25% return on investment (ie. $1/$0.80 = 125%) in terms of immediate share value.

Yes, for protection of the shareholder we have established a cap of $5M, so investors can determine the minimum percentage of the company they will own at the time of conversion.

When we meet the $99k fundraising goal, if additional seed funding is required at that point, it will be done through the same Wefund portal using Reg A+ (Title 4) funding (prior to, or in sequence with the Series A round) in order to provide more opportunities for non-accredited investors to invest.  The target for Reg A+ funding will be $1M.

Investment-based partnership opportunities is key to our business model so it is something we will always support going forward.

Investors and partners will receive monthly updates on each of our 4 main products.  Included in the report is an updated pareto for the product development lifecycle.

For media inquiries, please fill our our contact form. is a consultancy that identifies and collates best of class technologies and innovations, and assists new ventures as they execute the essential fundamentals for startup success.

Currently AlphaDynamics is working with an advisory comprised of experts in the field of medical device commercialization, and is performing hand-off procedures with the incoming management team for Infusion Scientific.

Please contact us via our contact form or email us at

There are 3 main incentives unique to practitioners:

  1. An immediate value of 225% of their investment (over doubling their invested value) even prior to any stock value appreciation.  This will occur because they receive a voucher for their investment which may be used to pay for our medical grade products, which voucher is transferable.
  2. Early investing practitioners will be the first to receive field ready, fully tested, verified and validated products.  This will become especially valuable as our early demand for our products are expected to outstrip supply as we intend to run lean.
  3. Written into our bylaws, practitioners as a group wield at least 49% of the shareholder voting rights.  Their total vote being the controlling share when founder’s stock, held in part by practitioners, is taken into account.

We have been closely following the FDA-approval requirements for similar medical device companies with similar devices (portable pumps, like the SteadyMed patch pumps).  The FDA has not required medical trials for those devices (which should considerably shorten time to market).  We will however be doing extensive testing and internal trials leading up to our FDA approval application, during which time we will need as many partners as possible.

As the pumps, for example, are medical devices lacking FDA approval they will not be sold at a profit, but they will provided at cost in order to make the testing available to as many partners as possible.  This will be a significant discount from the market pricing that will be set upon FDA approval.

Practitioners who invest in InfusionScientific will however receive vouchers equal to 100% of their investment which can be used to defray the cost of the infusion pumps.  In this way they are ultimately receiving back 225% of their investment (100% as a voucher, and another 125% when the convertible note is executed).

A discount rate of 20% provides an immediate return of 25% at the time of convertible note conversion [ eg. (100%-20%)*convertibleNote = stocks; thus convertibleNote = stocks/(80%) = 125%stocks ].  

Additionally, board certified practitioners are given vouchers for development products equal to the cost of our products.  These vouchers may be used to put the practitioner on a wait-list for heavily discounted units to be used for testing and informed-consent patient evaluation purposes according to guidelines provided by the Office of Human Research Protections (OHRP).

The voucher may also be held until FDA approved devices are available and be used at that point, however the cost of the machines to which they will be applied will not be at the heavily discounted rate of the evaluation models.

The value of the voucher is therefore an additional 100% of the original investment amount.  It may even be considered by some to be of greater value since multiple evaluation models can be purchased compared the production models after FDA approval.

Practitioners who invest early into the company will also be at the top of the waiting list when our products are ready for field testing with actual patients.  Note that this testing will not occur until after the products have been through a full development cycle and have passed accelerated testing requirements.  Patient safety and well-being is our number #1 priority, and is the reason this company was started.

Since our aspirations line up very closely with practitioners within the medical industry we have written into our bylaws the stipulation that practitioners as a group wield at least 50% of the shareholder voting rights.  Their total vote acts as the controlling share when founder’s stock, held in part by practitioners, is taken into account.

This will insure that the company will maintain the spirit and objectives of the original founders as the company expands to meet the global demand for our products.

This also provides for practitioners an added reason to invest in Infusion Scientific: our goals line up with theirs.

Infusion Scientific has been filing with the US Patent and Trademark office, and is preparing similar overseas filings, every few months for the last year for all of the technologies discussed herein (and other Infusion Scientific products not mentioned publicly).  We will continue to do so to secure the rights to pursue and leverage our IP for our shareholders and to continue develop excellent high-return medical and health related products.