SmartSaline™ Revolutionary Hydration

• Converts normal saline into a preventive-medicine blood-balanced crystalloid 

• Buffers electrolytes with the most safe and most powerful redox agent

• Reduce IV error rates (currently at 67%, see PMC3228265

• Delivers the ultimate in preventive medicine

• No hospital investment required

What is a SmartSaline™ Machine?

Enjoy error-reducing delivery of either straight saline or saline modified to much more closely match blood, while having substantial preventive-medicine advantages, many which are listed below.

“Ascorbate is the only plasma antioxidant that completely protects plasma lipids against detectable peroxidative damage. Ascorbate is the most effective aqueous-phase antioxidant in human blood plasma.”
- Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 1989 Aug; 86(16): 6377–6381.

Cross-section of top portion of
the Redox-Crystal™ cartridge

How It Works

The ascorbate molecule is very fragile in water (with an oxidation half life of around 1 hour), so it is kept in a proprietary solid form in Redox-Crystal™ cartridges.  It is then dissolved as needed at a dynamic interface in sterile water for maximum redox power. The result is combined with normal saline (NS) as needed. One cartridge can treat 100+ patients.

A recent study observed 60% of patients at a university hospital were at scurvy levels, thereby hampering collagen production for tissue repair, depressing immune response, and limiting free radical defense.
- Journal of the American College of Nutrition 2008 Jun;27(3):428-33.

Note: SmartSaline™ makes normal saline more like blood while eliminating scurvy to improve tissue repair, immunity, and defense against free radicals.

A Preventive Medicine Example...
Sepsis is the #1 killer of childrena and the #1 killer in hospitals in general.b
Sepsis is increasing 13% annually.c

Sodium Ascorbate Justification (This is the majority solute making up the blood-balanced salt in SmartSaline™)

There have been a total of 6 sepsis studies using intravenous sodium ascorbate as the main constituent, all at similar dosages to SmartSaline™ hydration.

All studies demonstrated exceedingly superior efficacy against sepsis compared to conventional care.  The most recent effort demonstrated a 99% success rate to full recovery (see human study #3 below “Follow up”).  In comparison, up to 1/3 of all sepsis patients die by using conventional care.a

Human Model Studies

  1. PMC3937164 (2014) – The treatment significantly reduced inflammation and endothelial injury. Patients: 8 standard-care vs 18 new treatment.
  2. PMC4843590 (2016) – The 28 day survival was 4.5 times better than standard-care. Patients: 14 standard-care vs 14 new treatment.
  3. PMID27940189 (2016) – Sepsis attenuation for everyone treated  (note 8.5% died after most sepsis symptoms disappeared).  In the standard-care group there was 3x more vasopressor use, and over 4 times more died (40.4%)  – mostly without any sepsis attenuation. Patients: 47 standard-care vs 47 new treatment.
    Follow up to this study: The lead researcher announced that 149 out of 150 patients experienced a reversal of symptomse and over 50 clinics now use the protocol.f

Mouse Model Studies

  1. PMID21358394 (2011) – The treatment, given 30 mins. after endotoxin administration, prevented typical lung damage.
  2. PMC3293508 (2011) – Prevented sepsis-associated vascular leakage through a number of corrective mechanisms.
  3. PMID23917525 (2014) – Reversal of sepsis induced organ-dysfunction and blood coagulation problems.

The Need: Approaching Costly Epidemic Status

Sepsis costs are becoming staggering … comprising over 6% total of hospital costs.d  New York State now requires all hospitals to adopt sepsis protocols (“Rory’s Regulations”).  Similar efforts are going into effect nationwide to deal with the problem. A high-value cost-effective treatment is desperately needed.

NOTE: Preventive Approach (not a Reactive Approach) is Necessary to Avoid Residual Functional Impairments

Sepsis survivors often experience life-altering residual impairments, from cognitive function to impaired physical abilities.a  The best strategy is then a preventive protocol.  To date, SmartSaline™ modulation of normal saline for hydration is the only practical preventive medicine for sepsis. Special consideration is recommended for patient segments for whom sepsis incidence is 3x above average: patients over 60 and smokers. Also special consideration is recommended for children since sepsis is the #1 cause of childhood mortality.a

a G-I-N 2016 Berlin PMC3488423  PMID23442987   PMID NBK368492  webref1  webref2.
See also PMC2767105,  PMID22116695, and PMC3061919

Note that the FDA has not reviewed nor approved sodium ascorbate for the treatment of sepsis.  Phase 3 trials are already being conducted.

SmartSaline™ is a development stage product that is not currently approved for sale by the US FDA.