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Cell-Targeted-Delivery Perfected Here

Infusion Scientific is an innovation leader in designing delivery systems for medication and micronutrients.  Our portfolio includes the following 4 innovations:

LEaP™ Pump

Enabling Previously Impractical Therapies

  • Game-changing LEaP™ pump (Sustained Totally-Enabling Abundant Delivery Infusion)
  • Enables a host of previously impractical therapies (multi-day infusions, many potentiations)
  • Large cost reduction (outpatient usage, one long vs. many short infusions, disposable)
  • Efficacy breakthrough (sustained treatment = rebuild cell-ecosystems, potentiating synergies)
  • Add statistical rigor and treatment consistency (ensure the ideal protocol is followed)


A Step Improvement to IV Hydration Therapy

  • Dramatically improve the first fluid and the highest volume fluid that patients receive
  • 5x less toxic (LD50) than normal saline or any other saline
  • Makes Normal Saline more like blood (eg. blood-balanced electrolytes, antioxidants)
  • Uses powerful redox-crystals™ stocked and replaced by our own contracted vendors
  • Requires no upfront hospital investment

    SĀSO™ Microneedles
Stronger and 300X longer

  • The only microneedle technology practical for intravenous use
  • SĀSO™ produces microneedle arrays in one simple mask step (significant cost reduction)
  • Yields longer microneedles than any other technology, enough to access deep tissue organs, tumors, etc
  • Provides unequaled robustness and strength