Our Strategy:
Create and Share Value

At Infusion Scientific we are executing a highly focused strategy to create value for our shareholders by leveraging the advantages of our 3 market technologies: Specialty Dermatology, Specialty Infusion Pumps, Specialty Needle Technologies.

1) Product Development for Our Specialty Infusion Technologies

As our primary focus we are developing for commercialization high value infusion devices utilizing burgeoning technology that until now has flown under the radar for the medtech industry, as it focuses largely on high-selectivity therapies, which have different infusion needs & capabilities compared to conventional toxic therapies. Our focus is 3-fold:

Specialty Dermatology
“…time to market for most of these products are the most favorable in our portfolio…”

The dermatological market is entirely devoid of the proprietary bare-nutrient technology that we leverage with our RedoxCrystal™ technology. The development cycle for this line of products is relatively short, the expected demand is high, and the regulatory requirements and time to market for most of these products are the most favorable in our portfolio. We expect to reach quick profitability with this line, which will continue to help fund the following development and marketing efforts for our other products.

Specialty Infusion Pumps
“…these pumps uniquely foster a wide array of extremely desirable prescient therapies…”

We have 2 products in this arena … the mobile STEADI™ pumps (of which there are a number of designs) and the SmartSaline saline modifier pump. These pumps uniquely foster a wide array of extremely desirable prescient therapies for the burgeoning IV infusion market especially with respect to high selectivity therapies. The SmartSaline™ pump addresses a number of medical needs such as hypervolemia, hyperchloremia, and sepsis prevention (which condition is approaching epidemic status in terms of drain on human life and healthcare costs). The development cycle for the STEADI™ pumps is relatively shorter than that for the SmartSaline™ pumps. All products in this category have regulatory requirements which are typical for medical devices, but are advantaged by the fact that from a regulatory standpoint they’re even much safer (1/10th the administration rate) compared to 20,000+ intravenous high-selectivity therapies commonly done each year already.

Specialty Needle Technologies
“Investments in this sector have the strong potential to out-perform all other products…”

Our SĀSO™ Microneedle products have equally viable demand in both the high-selectivity therapy market and the conventional pharmaceutical market, and has application space even in the booming consumer-med market (non-IV microneedles), which is nearly 1000 times the size of the intravenous market. Although this market is seemingly larger than the specialty pump, much more development and economies of scale are required before commercialization. Investments in this sector have the strong potential to out-perform all other products in our portfolio as the market is so large, interest is extremely high, and SĀSO™ microneedles are so advantageous compared to all other needle technologies.

2) Partner with Best of Class Science-Oriented & Patient-Centered Partners

A unique differentiator between Infusion Scientific and other med-tech startups is the emphasis to serve the market of high-selectivity therapies (which involves both new and novel pharmaceutical drugs as well as micronutrients).  This non-toxic approach is in keeping with the Hippocratic objectives that are central to our mission.

This technology is expected to be put to best use with partners who are equally interested in positive patient outcomes as we are. As such we have some unique standards we have codified into our founding documents:

Physicians and Practitioners Have Special Incentives

We are actively pursuing relationships with “boots on the ground” physicians who know and care about the patients on which our technologies will be used, and making them central to the operations of our company. This will ensure that the standards of excellence we’ve started with will continue throughout the growth of market share.  Additionally, to “sweeten the pot” we have a number initiatives to encourage practitioners to partner with us.

● Majority Voting-Rights for Physicians and Medical Practitioners

In order to maintain the patient-centered objectives of the company, which are expected to be equally shared among our practitioner investors, 50% of voting rights will be distributed among this group of investors (regardless of that number).  The remainder voting rights will be split among institutional investors, individual investors, founders, etc.

● Additional Physician and Medical Practitioner Investment Incentives

Investors who are interested in participating in R&D activities will receive priority for trial participation opportunities.

Additional incentives include equity compensation for certain kinds of assistance.  This enriches the partnerships that we are anxious to make.  To learn more about partnering please contact us.

All Other Partners
● Innovative Medical Companies

Second only to physicians themselves, these partners are the next most valued of our partners. We offer them an opportunity to differentiate, defend, and grow their market positions. We will be especially interested in working with individual hospitals, clinics, other MedTech companies, and BioPharmaceutical companies interested in expanding their offerings into the new quickly growing markets that our products are fostering: high-selectivity therapies, specialty needle applications, SmartSaline™ (better saline delivery), RedoxCrystal™ applications, and Infusif™ patch oriented therapies.

We offer a number of collaboration options to best meet your needs, from early stage Feasibility Assessment, through full License and Supply Agreements.

● Individual Investors, VC’s, and Institutional Investors

Just as important to our technology and market development objectives are the investors who will benefit as both patients and investors, who want to help fuel and become a major part of our growth. To learn more about partnering, at any level, please contact us.