SkinSoak Free-Flowing Micronutrients
For the Deepest Skin Care Possible

The curative power of SkinSoak™ comes from new paradigms for The Deepest Skin Care Possible.

Healthy skin … it comes from within

The Deepest Skin Care

SkinSoak™ line of dermatology innovations are built around three simple concepts:

  1. Maintain maximum purity and redox potential until the very moment of application.
  2. Application without nutrient-blocking / nutrition diminishing ingredients.
  3. Promote deep infusion with Insfusif™ layering technology.

SkinSoak™ facilitates the deepest skin care possible, stimulating healthy skin dynamics for everyday dermatological needs.

Stick, Soak & Seal

  • Proprietary Redox-Crystal™ Stick
    for ultimate skin-redox power
  • Lip-Balm form factor
  • Deodorant-size form factor
  • Bare free-flowing nutrients
  • Rub it on then Soak-n-Seal it

Superior Skin Nutrition & Healing In Every Way


Needle-free Spot-Infusion Patches

Water-soluble non-toxic ingredients can permeate the deepest layers if simply given enough time, thus stimulating collagen production and tissue repair in the basal region.

  • Interfaces skin with pad-filled pure medicament
  • Spot treatment technology for challenging skin areas, age spots, wound treatment, infections, or various malignancies
  • Apply-then-fill for maximum adhesion
  • Variable masking holes for treatment precision